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CompanyAllied Technologies and Consulting, LLC, was founded in 2001 by Mr. Intisar Abbasi and Dr. Dale Vander Hamm, two retired Army officers with backgrounds in military healthcare, medical research and development, pharmaceutical program management, and regulatory affairs. They have built a successful professional services company focusing on hard work, dedication, and caring about individuals - both customers and employees.

ATC’s original focus was project management and regulatory affairs support for battlefield military medical research and development programs both overseas and in the continental United States.  We have since expanded into program management, technical services, logistics, information technology, and cybersecurity. Our ultimate goal is to make our customers successful – this is reflected in our exceptional past performance ratings and long-term customer relationships. 

Diversity has become a key defining cornerstone of ATC with any team we build; the backgrounds of our leadership team have cumulatively shaped our culture of inclusion for people of all walks of life.  As a small company, we focus on developing our employees through continuous learning and cultivating a productive work environment.

Facilities - Frederick Operations Office
100 Tuscanney Drive, Suite B-2
Frederick, MD 21702

Allied Technologies and Consulting, LLC has a secret clearance status.

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